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Ohio's Drunk Driving Law - Potential Penalties

First Offense
  • Misdemeanor of first degree (up to (6) months in jail)
  • Minimum three (3) days in jail or three (3) days with an alcohol counseling class
  • Minimum of $375.00 fine
  • Minimum license suspension of 180 days
  • Six (6) points on driving record
First Offense - High Test
  • If you take a breath test and test .17 or higher you are subject to higher minimum penalties under Ohio law
  • Three (3) days in jail plus three (3) days with an alcohol counseling class
  • Manadatory red and yellow plates
Second Offense and Higher
  • Manadatory jail time after second offense or higher
  • One (1) year driving rights suspension or higher
  • Possible alcohol assessment and treatment
  • Manadatory red and yellow plates
There are many complications to Ohio's drunk driving law. Contact Mr. MacKinnon to sit down for a free personal evaluation of your case and how Ohio's law will effect your particular situation.